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  1. Eligibility
  2. Why join Professional Youth Work SA?
    1. Our core functions are:
    2. When you become a member of Professional Youth Worker SA, you are saying:
  3. Annual Membership Dues
  4. Members Benefits
  5. Application Form


A person may apply for membership if that person:

1.  Is over 18 years of age

2. Holds tertiary qualifications in youth work, social work, social sciences or an allied discipline or is working towards the same.

3. Supports the Objects of the organisation

Why join Professional Youth Work SA?

A vocation is more than a job. It is a deep sense of purpose or strong feeling of meaning associated with doing something. To be a youth worker is to feel that this profession has personal and social value.

By joining Professional Youth Work SA you are contributing to a professionalisation movement for youth work.

You are also…

  • Affirming your own sense of identity as a youth worker,
  • Making a statement (to your peers and potential employers) about your commitment to ethical practice in this vocation,
  • Contributing to a movement for better practice with young people.

Professional Youth Work SA is a vocational movement. It is about advancing Youth Work as a profession through education and restoration.

We aim to spark conversations between individuals, and across the sector, that lead to a collective commitment to continuous improvement.

We welcome anyone who works with young people through a shared ethical orientation as a youth worker, and we aim to build and restore connections between committed individuals and organisations.

We aren’t about establishing and policing identity boundaries or pronouncing judgement on who is in and who is out of youth work.

Our core functions are:

  • Providing Code of Ethics professional development to facilitate deep conversations about values and the messy interplay with real-world practice.
  • Recognising and celebrating youth workers and practice that inspires others through the Youth Worker of the Year Award.

When you become a member of Professional Youth Worker SA, you are saying:

  • Quality Youth Work is important
  • I support and aspire to practicing in this way
  • I want this educational and restorative movement to exist

Once you have signed up, you can:

  • Put it on your resume to show potential employers what kind of worker you are
  • Put a poster up in your workplace to start a conversation with your colleagues, young people and stakeholders
  • Receive access and discounts to YWSA members’ resources, training and events.

This movement will only exist with the support of the sector and its members. We hope you join us in keeping Youth Work a unique and ethical vocation.

Annual Membership Dues

Elected Committee Members (elected at the AGM): $100

Qualified Members: $50

Student Member: $20

Members Benefits

  • Free Access to the Youth Work Library at Tabor College of Higher Education
  • Discounts on Training
  • Discount on Professional & Group Supervision (Coming Soon)

Application Form

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